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Ace Hotel (York)

Ace Hotel (York)

Ace Hotel (York)



Micklegate House,
88-90 Micklegate, YO1 6JX
01904 627720

In a circa-1750s townhouse, this hotel lies in the bustling Micklegate district.


The site contained no gas and had one very large half-hourly meter controlling the site.

The site had recently gone out of contract and were paying variable rates on their contract.

They had no MOP (Meter Operator) Agreement and data was not being collected meaning that billing was constantly being incorrectly estimated.


Dr Cost obtained the necessary half-hourly data from the energy supplier and sent out a full tender to eight suppliers.

After obtaining the best price from EON Energy Dr Cost renegotiated the current supplier, EDF to come within a few hundred pounds of their offer We ensured that the supplier agreed to backdate the contract from the time it went out-of-contract ensuring that the client saved over £10,000 on the backdate alone.

In addition Dr Cost arranged for Siemans to be appointed MOP and negotiated an extremely competitive three year option to ensure the billing would be correct.

The site has since been sold to a Hostel.