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The Pillar Hotel

The Pillar Hotel

The Pillar Hotel



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The Pillar Hotel is a large boutique hotel situated in Hendon in NW London.


The site consists of a large number of buildings and had meters which were controlling unknown parts of the Hotel. Three smaller meters were in a more expensive residential tariff and one gas meter couldn’t be found.

The site had contracts with three different suppliers some of which were not using anything and the contracts ended at random times.

The contracts came up for renewal over the course of several months in 2012 and the Client obtained prices via their usual brokers LSI.


Dr Cost located all meters and arranged for two meters to be removed as they were not using any electric.

The contracts, over the course of seven months were signed up, the five electric meters with one supplier and the two gas meters with another.

Dr Cost arranged for the contract end date on all the supplies to be aligned to one common end date in January.

In addition Dr Cost reduced the annual cost by almost £3,500 or just under 8% based against their broker’s pricing. We continually monitored the bills and resolved two errors stemming from incorrect meter reads. We still look after this site.