How can I be assured that Dr Cost is impartial?

Dr Cost is independent of any one supplier and will assess your needs to ensure that it that the service we offer will be tailored to your needs. By tendering your requirements we ensure that you will receive the most competitive prices that can be had.

Are there other ways with Dr Cost?

Yes. If a client prefers Dr Cost work as that extra arm of their company doing the groundwork to obtain the best possible charges up to implementation, that possibility exists. Dr Cost can also be retained as out-of-house consultants to bring the benefits of cost analysis and savings after the contracted period to ensure that no further possible saving would be missed out on.

What is the validation service?

As part of Dr Costs’ wide range of services, Dr Cost is also able to validate each and every bill to ensure that there are no errors. Following this analysis the bill will then be passed to the client for payment. If there are errors, Dr Cost ensures that they are rectified and the client only pays what is due.

With Dr Cost will I have to change my current supplier?

Not necessarily. Usually after we’re found a more competitive rate or service we approach your current supplier and give them the chance to match that. In most cases they match the offer we have obtained.

I am sure I have the best possible deals, I doubt that you could help?

You may very well be right, and if you are we will be the first to let you know with nothing to pay. Chances are that there will be areas where we will still be able to save you money. The market-place for most products and services is ever-changing and through our in-house knowledge and buying power the rates and prices we obtain are not largely readily available.

And If you find no savings?

Then there is no fee. No hourly rate or small print which obligates you in any way. By becoming partners in your procurement we have an active interest in ensuring that the prices we obtain will be the absolute base rates.

I am involved in a dispute with a utility company, can you help?

Yes. Due to our connections within the various utility, as well as other, companies, we have the capabilities and capacity to negotiate and reduce debt and bring about savings. Again our fee can be savings based or if you prefer we can arrange for an hourly payable fee.