"... due to the excellent service Samuel at Dr Cost provided us with implementing savings on our electric and gas supplies, we have also instructed them to examine several other high cost areas..."

S Gorman, Croft Court Hotel

"...After investigation Dr Cost managed to save us money on several clients' accounts including on two electricity accounts even though they were still in contract..."

Simon Berlin, The Larksworth Group

"...Dr Cost has saved Ace Hotel significant money with our telecoms contracts and office expenses. We would be delighted to recommend Dr Cost to anyone else..."

Charles Issac, Manager, Ace Hotel (Kensington)

"...Dr Cost saved us over 30% on our electricty bills and has proven a great help in dealing with the utility companies saving us a great deal of time as well..."

B Lasky, The Pillar Hotel

“… through Dr Cost’s assistance we realised savings in our telecoms and fleet management as well as in other areas. The validating service has proven a great help too…”

United Jewellery Trading Ltd

“…Dr Cost undertook a comprehensive review of a client’s property overheads and reduced them quite dramatically. They were efficient, invisible and have made a difference to our client’s return…”

Ord, Carmell and Kritzler, Property Management

“… their team of specialists found savings we could have only have dreamed about.
A very thorough and and worth-while service… “

Marcus King, Chartered Surveyors

“… our gas and electric bill had always been higher then it should have been but until Dr Cost came into the picture we didn’t realise by how much. Dr Cost has since re-negotiated with our supplier leaving us with a 25% saving year on year …”

A Weiss, Carewise Homes Ltd