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King Solomon Hotel

King Solomon Hotel

King Solomon Hotel



155-159 Golders Green Rd, London NW11 9BX
020 8201 9000

The hotel is featured on the Northern Line in London and controls one whole city block.


Our clients took over this site in mid-2014 The old owners had built up some considerable debts causing issues with the utility companies.

They had replaced meters with pay-as-you-go meters which had to be constantly topped up.

The office manager, who had been with the Hotel for many years prior would, contact various brokers and suppliers and would negotiate on their understandings.


Dr Cost arranged for the change of tenancy to be completed with minimal hassle. This was over several varying meters

The two pay meters we arranged to be replaced with regular contract meters.

Dr Cost bettered the office managers prices by almost 20% implementing savings comfortably in five figures.

Dr Cost continues to monitor the billing and has resolved over six errors, two of them serious which could have led to meter disconnection. We still manage this site.