Connecting the right sources

Dr Cost acts on behalf of clients to tender and agree new competitive contracts and to implement savings, where possible, on their behalf. As we act independently, there is no other party nor intermediary uplifting prices. This ensures that we have the widest reach and obtain competitive pricing for our client’s benefit.

None of our consultants receive incentives to increase or uplift any commission payable. Our service is transparent and reasonable.

What Our Suppliers Say

I have been working with Amita for 2 months she is always happy and willing to get anything extra I need to help her give their customers a great service, always going the extra mile.

Kelly Jarvis, Everflow Water

I’ve dealt with Sam and Dr Cost since 2015. They are a great TPI and offer great services to their clients. Glad to deal with them!

Max Poulsen, YU Energy

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Great to work with.

Jon Feingold, UK Gas Supply

Dr Cost are absolutely brilliant to work with. They have been a valued partner of ours now for some time and make working together easy. Their efficiency and communication is second to none. Long may this continue!

Jacob Bollon, Dyce Energy