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You have landed at Nu World Energy. The Sub-Billing supplier of choice.

Nu World Energy provides billing support for landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential settings. Through existing sub-metering, whether Dumb or SMART, or by providing new sub-metering through third parties, the data can be analysed and rebilled correctly on a fair proportion to tenants.

Nu World Energy works as an independent billing agent in line with OFGEM regulations relating to sub-billing. Further reading can be found at OFGEM’s website and below.

In line with OFGEM’s guidance all domestic costs are passed through equal to the cost of the mains supply to the landlord. This is then apportioned based on sub-metered usage, with fixed charges (daily and capacity) proportioned equally to all residences. Nu World Energy will include a fair, disclosed admin charge for the facilitation of this service as per allowable guidance.

Commercial sub-billing agreements are set and based on your agreement with your landlord and can either be at a proportion of the main supply, as with domestic, or other agreed cost.

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Opening Hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Nu World Energy are registered with OFGEM under the ADR Scheme Ref No.: C35NUWO01
Company number: 13768853

We ask that you contact us in the event of any query or dispute but should you find the need to raise  complaint guidance can be found here.

News Feed

04/01/2023 - Major Update from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

The Government has announced it is providing funding for consumers who do not have a direct relationship with an energy supplier, such as care home, park home residents, and consumers who purchase energy through a sub-meter.

Online Application

These households will be able to apply online through the GOV.UK portal in January. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will recieve a payment from the local authority.


The Government is opening a helpline to assist customers who do not have online access.

For more information visit the Government website here.


Many Top-up-meters are a secondary prepayment meter. This means any to-pup payments go to the main bill payer, normally your landlord, who pays the energy supplier. Consumers on sub meters do not have an energy supply contract, and are not directly eligible for the discount.

The Government has acknowledged this and is providing further funding for those households who are not eligible.  

This includes mobile and static park homes, residents in HMOs, and potentially anyone who pays onto a sub-meter for their residence.

The UK Government have legislated to ensure landlords who receive the discount must pass on the benefit to consumers on sub meters.