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Forest Healthcare

Forest Healthcare



  • delivered annual savings of excess of £100,000 per annum
  • ongoing bill validation and query resolution
  • water savings of almost £10,000


Forest Healthcare operates a thirteen-site care home group and the management of the electric, gas and water was an area in which the procurement was to be outsourced.

In additions the multi-faceted portfolio, aside from the inconsistent bills normally resulted in various queries and the management of them was an area in which Forest sought expertise.

Working initially with Harris Rosenberg Limited and subsequently, after a merger through Dr Cost Limited, the group achieved the energy partner they were looking for.


Dr Cost implemented utility contracts for all supplies, agreed a common end date was negotiated and constantly advises when best to forward purchase dependant on market conditions.

The implementation of the contracts delivered over £100,000 savings across electric and gas supplies. After water deregulation further analysis delivered almost £10,000 of savings with one supplier as an easier point of contact.

Dr Cost’s team ensures that constant contact and correspondence with Forest’s Management operational is maintained. The group utilitse Dr Cost’s bill validation service to monitor and resolve issues as and when they occur.