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Hermolis & Co Ltd, Hermolis House,
276 Abbeydale Rd, London,
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Savings of 9-11% across utilities
Seprate contracts for bespoke options
Advises and implements forward buying


Hermolis is one of the UK’s premier food specialists, supplying food to caterers, airlines, travel companies, hospitals, hotels, shops and corporate events.

The company had engaged with a number of brokers as well as its in-house purchasing team to look at utility costs. In 2013, on recommendation, it approached Dr Cost for a review of its utility expenditure.

Dr Cost found that contracts for large supplies were combined with smaller properties resulting in skewed pricing platforms being used for tenders.


Having reviewed the existing contracts, Dr Cost monitored recommended an appropriate tender process, which resulted in substantial savings over and above the renewal prices offered by their current broker and supplier.

In so doing Dr Cost helped Hermolis achieve savings equivalent to 11% based against the broker’s prices and 9% against the direct prices offered.

Several alternate intermediaries have quoted for the business in the years since and Dr Cost has consistently retained the client due to the competitive pricing obtained, ongoing management of the account and billing validation provided.

Our Client Says

We cannot be happier with Dr Cost; they have consistently bettered any other pricing offered from a variety of brokers and direct suppliers.

Ian Kreditor, Managing Director