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Lubavitch Multi Academy Trust

Lubavitch Multi Academy Trust



– Savings of over £15,000 per annum
– extraction from ruinous contract
– contract and query management


Through working with 12 sister sites around the UK including venues in Manchester, Hampstead, Brighton, Oxford and Birmingham Dr Cost were referred to their main Stamford site.

Recently re-established as an Academy the need arose for an energy partner to best assist and deliver value.

A suspect utility broker had, almost a year prior, mis-sold a contract which was due to cost the trust an additional £15,000 per annum over a 36 month contract term.


Whilst initially tendering, Dr Cost submitted figures showing optimum pricing which demonstrated a difference of almost £50,000 over the contract term.

Dr Cost ensured that the existing supplier was made aware of the overcharging practise and the legal consequences that could follow, which enabled Lubavitch MAT to be released from its current contract.

Our recommended supplier was able to take over the site early, resulting in significant savings.

Dr Cost has been retained to support ongoing billing and query resolution.