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Potter’s Leisure

Potter’s Leisure



– competed against national utility brokerage
– presented contracted savings of six figures
– obtained fully fixed pricing from 25 suppliers


Potters Leisure, the host of the indoor Bowls Championships since 1999, operates a 5* resort in Norfolk.

The family owned business used a national, publicly listed, brokerage for a number of years and were initially hesitant in broaching the utility issue.

After conducive discussions we were issued with a non-contracting letter of authorisation to procure pricing for their electric supply and both Dr Cost and their incumbent broker both showed the best options they could offer from a blind tender.


The alternate broker recommended one supplier as the best option but on a like for like basis, Dr Cost’s base prices from the same supplier showed contract savings of over ¬£100,000 based against this, meaning that there was likely excessive commission incorporated in the incumbent’s offering.

Dr Cost implemented further savings through a more competitive supplier overall and, through base pricing, agreed a fixed fee for the savings and consultancy services relating to the tender.

Samuel, at Dr Cost, now discusses the energy market and Spurs’ relative fortunes with Director of Purchasing at Potter’s who still supports Arsenal.

Our Client Says

Delighted to recommend Samuel, a trustworthy consultant in an area of business that you need to rely on trust and expertise so finding the right person which ticks all boxes is a godsend.

David Ramsden, Finance Director