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– Efficient metering installation
– Incorrect debt resolution
– Savings to date in excess of £120,000


Quinata Global have been at the forefront of developments in London and the South East since the early 2000’s; developing almost £1bn of property for residential use.

A common and reoccurring issue was the take-over of existing, normally vacant, sites which had numerous meters and different suppliers, incorrect capacities and no agreed contracts.

Subsequent infrastructure work relating to the development and the constant liaising with the network operators was often needed to attempt to reduce excessive charges levied.

Previously, subsequent installations were ad-hoc, both for the landlord’s and the residential metering thereby increasing workload and reducing efficiency.


Dr Cost started working with Quinata in 2017. To date it has secured savings in excess of £120,000, mostly on standing charges.

When new sites are procured, we match up existing meters to the national database identifying and ensuring no costly charges are incurred.

Our siteworks projects liaise with the relevant M&E Engineers to ensure lower costs for sub-station, sub-metering where applicable and to provide efficient installations with zero daily charges on residential properties.

Any overcharged or incorrect debts resulting from suppliers errors are picked-up and resolved by our office, saving Quinata significant administration time.

Our Client Says

They manage all of our utilities and have saved us a fortune over the past few years. Great service…

Joel Fried, Managing Director